World Wide Travel Guide: Costa Rica Surfing trip

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Costa Rica Surfing trip

Whether and its most important to understand if you are going alone, as a couple, or with the kids, a Costa Rica surfing retreat is an unforgettable experience for everyone. Costa Rica is a honeymooner's paradise due to its combination of romance, adventure, volcanoes, rainforest, waterfalls, and secluded beaches. It is also a wonderful place for families due to the varied activities that one can perform during their visit there. The whole concept of a Costa Rica surfing holiday revolves around the fact that this is one place where everyone can Uncover something to their taste. The getaway is also quite economic so that it readily fits into the budget of most families.

before going on a Costa Rica surfing getaway it is essential to note that while there are plenty of beautiful beaches in that country not all of them provide the same kind of surfing opportunities. While some beaches are brilliant for surfing they are not completely safe for children. Some beaches are quite public while others are quite secluded. The amenities offered along the beaches are also quite varied. That is why it is most necessary that you plan your Costa Rica surfing getaway very carefully so that you do not end up feeling disappointed once and its most important to understand if you are at the beach with your surf board.

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make sure that your Costa Rica surfing trip takes you to the beaches famous for their surfing activities. Costa Rica is a surfer's paradise in many ways and quite famous among vacationers. Playa Naranjo and Ollie's Point are just two surfing locations that are a must-visit for all serious surfing. The Golfito region is also famous for the "long lefthander" for surfers who are hoping for a challenge. The unsurpassed part of a Costa Rica surfing trip is that you obtain to visit both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans as you visit the various beaches.

Costa Rica is tropical in nature and hence it enjoys brilliant weather all the year round with the water temperature staying close to 80 degrees. Since it has shores on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it receives swells from several directions at different times of the year. So make a note of the beaches, the surfing opportunities, and the time of year when and its most important to understand if you are planning you Costa Rica surfing holiday so that you do not book yourself resting on the wrong side of the country. There are more than 50 famous surf breaks and an even greater number of them that are not quite so popular.

However, could it so happen that when you land on the splendid beach the surf blows out or goes flat then all you have to do is pack up and hop over to the other coast. The fantastic thing about a Costa Rica surfing holiday is that one of the primary two coasts will always be in good surfing condition. While Costa Rica does not offer waves that are of the same size as in Hawaii, most of them are well shaped, long, tubular, and unsurpassed of all, seemingly never ending in nature. All the famous surfing locations have surf shops where you can most defiantly rent or purchase surfing equipment. There are also many hotels and car rental services that offer discounts to surfers.


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