World Wide Travel Guide: North Sulawesi Sagori Island Traveling Direction.

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North Sulawesi Sagori Island Traveling Direction.

The Sagori island, one of the groups of the islands that had the beautiful coast in the Bombana Regency, South-East Sulawesi (South-East Sulawesi). By the local Regional Government appointed as one of the South-East Sulawesi tourist attractions of the tourism mainstay the future.

Regent Bombana, Atikurahman, in Kendari, said, the Sagori Island that was located in one of the islands of the tour in the Kabaena Subdistrict was made the mainstay tourist attraction, apart from the beautiful panorama of sea nature, also was kept by the legacy of the history of the past. "In the Sagori Island was gotten by four legacy ships of VOC Netherlands that foundered, so as interesting to be studied and researched for the divers who came to visit at the area," he said. According to the Regent, beauty of his white sand stretched almost 1,5 km all along the island, the wave in sea that was not so big made several ships go for a trip that crossed the sea region could anchor.

He said, since 2002 many cruise ships that docked in the region. The island had the beautiful nature panorama so as not surprised this ship often lowered penumpan him to just sunbathed in the Sagori Island Coast. "As far as this is concerned, indeed did not yet have the allocation" of the "fund to develop this region of the coastal tour, but efforts of the Bombana Regional Government to shift kawansan that became the tourist attraction of the mainstay of the regional future by means of did pemagaran the coastal circle, so that no longer became the settlement" of the "community," he said. He said, the task of the Bombana Regional Government in the future was how to do the socialisation and the promotion went out of the area so as the region was not only visited by guests from outside the area but also foreign tourists. As proof of the community's love of the island, one of the fast ship businessmen "KM Sagori Ekspress" immortalised the name of the island that was located to the eastern part of this Bombana capital for the company and his ship.


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