World Wide Travel Guide: Bali completed most High Bridge in Asia

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Bali completed most High Bridge in Asia

Bali could complete bridge with the height of the construction 71,14 metre, and kept towards the earthquake have a force through to 7 Richter scales in the Plaga tour region, 45 Km north Denpasar. Bridge that the length through to 360 metre and wide 9,6 metre that was longest fifth in Indonesia and the height was possibly highest in Asia, the Public Works headword Balinese Nyoman Sudiana to the reporter in Plaga on Tuesday. The development of longest bridge in Bali was increased the existence of the increase in the paved road along 1,3 Km will give the benefit for four regencies in the area that is Naughty, Gianyar, Buleleng, and Bangli. The increase in the Sidan Bend road along 1,3 Km and the development of this Tukad Bangkung Bridge could dirampung at a cost of Rp4,9 billion this year, after being craved by the tracks community since dozens of years set. Bridge that made use of sophisticated technology and equipment that were caused from Italia could replace the tour road that connected the Denpasar part road, Sangeh, the Afternoon, and Kintamani-Bangli that his condition was broken.

The long paved road apart from his condition was not better also had the slope through to 40 percent of the alias was very steep so as to be difficult for the big vehicle like the truck or the tour bus to pass by to the area of the tour. Sudiana said, was completed by him the development of bridge terteknologi high that many experiences that were obtained considering the condition for not more beneficial nature, because his cultivation method needed high care. The work of the height of the construction needed precision and caution in the security and the safety of the work so as to influence the productivity, the excavation of the foundation secant pile with the depth 40 metre relative was difficult. Caution in the excavation, said Sudiana, because of the worker made use of equipment and special technology like Traveller form for the segment foundry K-500, the implement could not be operated if having the wind. Could disukuri that the big work until being finished one hundred percent of the significant work accident and the bridge did not happen dipelaspas in a manner the Balinese tradition in an agenda that was watched by the local official.


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