World Wide Travel Guide: Traveling Direction to London.

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Traveling Direction to London.

For the lover of art, ready-readied the headache determined the theatre show, the opera, and the performance of other art. Various theatre sorts were ready to satisfy the visitor from any circle. Various performance sorts of contemporary art nan strange, starting from when the performance of the street to the theatre building, could be experienced in London. Further, you might not be worry about the transport to tourist attractions. From the bus, the ferry, to the underground carriage super fast was ready to bring you investigated London city details. More satisfied when you travelled by the stratified tour bus that without the roof, Hop ounce Hop Off. Be enough to queue in the stop that was determined and paid 15 sterling pound (the next one was read pound) to the bus driver. You could all day long see beauty of tourist attractions and old buildings in the corner of the London city.

For the trip used Hop ounce Hop Off, all the passenger will receive the explanation from a tourist guide about places that were passed by this bus. Not only that, the price of the bus ticket already including the ticket crossed the Thames River for 45 minutes by using the ferry. From this historic river you could see beauty of the Westminster Palace (that currently is used as parliament's building) togethered with the legendary hour tower, Big Ben. The Westminster palace with the hour tower of Big Ben him previously became the residence of the kings and the queen before finally changed function to become parliament's English building.

Although without being put on the cost, but the visitors must queue to get the ticket. When wanting to witness the meeting of the members the Upper House (House of Lords) and the Lower House (House of Commons), the visitor must has gotten the ticket, usually seven or eight weeks beforehand, from parliament's members.

Moreover the ferry passengers will also see beauty Tower Bridge, bridge with two classic towers that were built in the 19th age. Other classic buildings, including the Tower of London, could be seen by you with the fun when crossing the Thames River.

The eyes in Sky
Want to enjoy area scenery of the London city from the height of sky? By relying on the pocket as big as 11,5 pound, the visitor could enjoy him with sat above London Eye, kincir the giant who was built by the British Airways airline.


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