World Wide Travel Guide: Holiday Destination Review: Spent the night in the middle of the Paddy-field at Bali.

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Holiday Destination Review: Spent the night in the middle of the Paddy-field at Bali.

The tour trip have the theme returned to nature or the back to nature indeed will never bore. That will be encountered by us when going on holiday in the Island of the Gods, Bali. The Campuhan village his name, was located in the Ubud territory, one of the centres of the Balinese tour that was very famous with ukiran and his painting. One half of the trip hour from the Ngurah Rai Airport or one trip hour from the Intercity Bus Terminal of Ubung Denpasar, by chartering the vehicle, then we will arrive in this calm and cool village.

The road that was winding, from time to time with the sharp bend and the paddy-field carpet bersusun menghijau in the distance will welcome our arrival in Ubud this. The road descended and crossed the Campuhan River. This valley became the special inspiration for a person Antonio the form in almost each work lukis him. This location was often made use of by local tourists and foreign countries to take a photograph with the background of the house the maestro depicted. The house that stood in river outskirts with water that flowed clear.

The location near rice cultivation became the typical characteristics of the Bayu Temple, like that the name of this accommodation. The Bayu temple with the atmosphere of his village, was felt by the contrast with the presence of dozens of shops and the gallery that tended merry and busy. This accommodation had three Vila had two storeys with the room between three and four rooms for each of Vila. In fact had some accommodation that was in and around this Campuhan village rice cultivation, but the Bayu Temple seldom was different.

The blend of the style of traditional architecture local and modern thick was felt in this place. The painting of nature scenery was increased furniture era wood in the 30 's became these accommodation accessories. Peeked to the floor two we will only encounter one big room with the veranda that also faced the paddy-field. The floor of wood was on this bicameral floor used in view of the fact that the Ubud area was the area that was cool as in the case of Puncak in West Java. Evidently this accommodation also appeared to the side of the sun sank, so its have a beautiful sunser view.

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