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Holiday Destination Guide : Senggigi Coast Indonesia

The West Nusa Tenggara province (NTB) had the coastal tourist attraction that was not inferior exotic with Bali. One of the coastal tourist attractions in NTB that the name has begun to be known is Senggigi Coast. In fact not only the Senggigi Coast that could be made the tourist attraction in NTB. If tourists had sufficient time, the coastal tourist attraction in the Sumbawa Regency West appropriate to be visited

In the Sumbawa Regency West this was gotten several coastal tourist attractions. Beginning with the Maluk Coast, the Sekongkang Coast, the Tropical Coast, as far as the Jelengah Coast. From the available coastal tourist attraction in the Sumbawa Regency West this, the Maluk Coast was the object that often attracted the interest of tourists.

To visit this Maluk Coast too much was not difficult. Transport means that were needed by tourists were available every time. From the NTB Capital, Mataram, was needed by around six hours to arrive at the Maluk Coast. Approximately two trip hours used the ferry from the Port of Kayangan Lombok. The rest of the trip was followed through the land route. The Maluk coast was gotten in the Maluk Village, the Jereweh Subdistrict, the Sumbawa Regency West. From this Maluk Coast tourists could see the attraction of beauty of the Maluk Gulf. Not only that. The Maluk coast was often made by tourists the arena berselancar. It is not surprising if the surfer of the world class always placed the activity in the Maluk Coast on the agenda.

By the surfers, the wave was in the Maluk Coast given by the nickname Super Suck. This nickname was given because of the wave that headed the mainland was broken by a cape. By the local inhabitants, this cape was named Ahmad's Cape. These breakers rolled through to the height above two metre. This wave continued to be rolled up until appearing to suck the surfers who tried to conquer him. Only skilled surfers playing on the surfboard that could conquer the wave Super Suck the Maluk Coast.

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