World Wide Travel Guide: Cikarang Holiday Destination Reviews

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Cikarang Holiday Destination Reviews

Recreations around Jakarta seems exciting also! Apart from the distance was not too far, this place was moderate also. For example Waterboom Lippo Cikarang, West Java. In the place that indeed was drafted to relax this, was available several facilities of the water tour. From the water slides to the massage service, all was available. In short this place really spoiled the visitor. However the visitor must pay the ticket to enter.

There was also the other alternative tourist attraction that location was not so far from Jakarta like the Gumati Village, Sentul, West Java. The village road that was relatively quiet from motor vehicles made the visitor could go for a walk comfortably. You could also enjoy the interior and the exterior of the unique local building, the Sundanese style mixture and Bali. If hungry was available several restaurants to fill up the stomach. Even had billiard facilities all.

In fact the Capital region also had the place of recreation that was not inferior interesting like Dunia Fantasi Ancol, Jakarta North. The atmosphere greated moreover during tonight. In the Carnival Coast, lights that lighted the night appeared beautiful. You could in fact have dinner romantic with your couple in Jimbaran Resto Bali that served typical Island of the Gods food.



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