World Wide Travel Guide: Holiday Destination Review: Cibodas Botanical Garden

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Holiday Destination Review: Cibodas Botanical Garden

The Cibodas botanic garden or the Great Arboretum (Botanic Garden), was located in the Big Pangrango Complex of the Mountain Forest, the Cimacan Village, Pacet, Cianjur. The topography of this field is unflat and was hilly with the height 1275 m. dpl, with water temperature 17 - 27 Celcius levels. The Cibodas botanic garden was a tourist attraction of mountainous nature in a multitudinous manner the tree kind and the palm.

Various facilities were available in the Cibodas region, beginning with the parking lot that was wide to accommodate dozens of wheel vehicles four and the bus, information space that was equipped the documentation Wana the Cibodas Tour, the playing area of children, mushola, MCK the public, shelter, the hall, the open-air theatre, and tattered ground measuring 3 hectare that could accommodate 200 tents. In the Cibodas Botanic Garden was gotten Earth the Kitri Arena Camp. Was available also the golf-course, Bandung Beautiful Mulya. In the earth of the appearance camp of a dinosaur statue, that gave the picture or the warning so that conservation of this forest should not until was destroyed like the ancient animal that remained at this history.

In the Cibodas Botanic Garden was gotten by various big tree kinds that were protected like the pine forest, the ferns forest, the forest kalia you, the nature forest and the waterfall. From the entrance to the location of the waterfall be at a distance 750 metre.

To reach him, from Cipanas through Simpang Tiga Paregrejen as far 5 km. From Jakarta, Bogor, and Bandung could utilise the wheel two and four, the big bus could enter this region. When using the bus or colt descended in the Cibodas three-way intersection, immediately used the transport of the route public of Cipanas-Rarahan, arrived in the Big-Pangrango National Park Hall, furthermore remained walking towards the Botanic Garden.


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