World Wide Travel Guide: Reviews of Holiday Destinations: Pelabuhan Ratu Beach.

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Reviews of Holiday Destinations: Pelabuhan Ratu Beach.

Pelabuhan Ratu beach that was located l.k. 60 km the south direction from the Sukabumi city, was a tourist attraction in in the south West Javanese coast, in the Hindia Ocean. Pelabuhan Ratu wave was famous very strong and because that could be dangerous. This coast was famous because of consisting of the blend between the steep coast and the gradient, steep coral stones, the crashing of the wave, and the nature reserve forest. This place had the attraction personally, so as President Soekarno established his holiday accommodation during 1960 in Tanjo Resmi. Moreover, on Soekarno's initiative also was established the Samudera Beach Hotel, one of the first luxurious hotels that was built in Indonesia in the period that was the same as the Hotel Indonesia, Bali Beach Hotel, and Sarinah The department store, that all of it used the fund of war reparations from Japan.

Apart from the big and luxurious Samudera Beach Hotel, in this area was gotten also several hotels and the small hotel. Was not as far from the Pelabuhan Ratu coast was gotten several locations of the other tour, like the Hawu Coral coast that his location around 20 km from Queen's port city was gotten the coral coast that projected to sea and was hollow in several parts. The form of this coral more was similar with stove, in the Sundanese language was mentioned Hawu. Therefore this place was named the person of the Hawu Coral Coast. The other coasts that were located in this area including being the Cibareno coast, Cimaja, Cibangban, Break Water, Citepus kebon kelapa and Tanjo Resmi.

Around 17 km from the Pelabuhan Ratu Coast was gotten by the source of hot water in Cisolok, that this water contained the sulphur that was high and useful for the health. Around Pelabuhan Ratu, most did not have nine location points to surf, that is in the Dim Stone, Main Point Coral, the Beach Ocean, Cimaja, the Pilgrim's Coral, Indicator, Sunset Beach, the Wave Seven until the Tip of tiles. Respectively the coast had the wave characteristically personally.

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