World Wide Travel Guide: Holiday Destination Guides : King Ampat Island West Papua.

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Holiday Destination Guides : King Ampat Island West Papua.

The island King Ampat was the place that was very potential to be made the tourist attraction, especially the diving tour. Archipelagic waters King Ampat according to various sources, was one of the 10 waters were best for diving site all over the world. Moreover, possibly also was acknowledged as the number one for the completeness of the flora and the low fauna of water at the moment.

Dr John Veron, the coral expert from Australia, for example, in one of his sites said, the Island King Ampat that located on the end was most western the Papua Island, around 50 mile next west Sorong z sea, had the best coral region in Indonesia. Around 450 coral kinds could be identified for two research weeks in the area.

The Nature Conservancy, and the National oceanographic Agency (LON) the Indonesian Science Agency (LIPI) had done the fast assessment in 2001 and 2002. Results, they recorded in these waters was gotten by more than 540 hard coral kinds (75% from the total kind in the world), more than 1,000 kinds, 700 mollusc kinds, and the highest note of the coral fish for gonodactyloid stomatopod crustaceans. This made 75% the species of world coral was in King Ampat. Not any the place widely the same area had the number of species of coral this much.

There were several coral reef regions that still were very good his condition with the percentage of the closing of living coral through to 90%, that is in the Dampier strait (the strait between P. Waigeo and P. Batanta), the Kofiau Island, Kepualauan Misool East South and the Wayag Island. The type from the coral reef in King Ampat generally is the bank coral reef with the gradient contour to steep. But was found also the type of the atoll and the type of the shoal or taka. In several places like in the Saondarek village, when the lowered rise and fall, could be witnessed the coral reef carpet without diving and with his adaptation personally, this coral continued to be able to live although was in the open air and was affected by the direct sun rays.

Because of his area that many islands and the crowded strait, then most places of diving when certain had the tight flow. This enabled also to do drift dive, dove while following the flow that was tight with very clear water while breaking through the fish collection. There was also the aircraft foundered the legacy of the world war to Ii that could be encountered in several places of diving made the place that was good to wreck dive like in P. Wai. And still many others the site of the actual coral reef had never been touched. This made diving in King Ampat be felt more defiant.

Visited this island not too much was difficult although indeed took up time and the quite big cost. We could use the airline from Jakarta to Sorong via Menado for 6 flight hours. From Sorong –kota that was big enough and moderate facilities complete- to explore King Ampat his choice was two, took part in the tour by the boat pinisi or live in resor Papua Diving. Although most tourists who came to King Ampat at this time to be the divers, in fact this location interesting also for the non diver's tourists because also had the coasts berpasir white that was very beautiful, the group of the islands of the karst nan enchanted and flora-fauna unique endemic like cendrawasih red, cendrawasih Wilson, maleo waigeo, was varied cockatoo birds and the parrot, the cuscus waigeo, as well as heterogenous the orchid kind.

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