World Wide Travel Guide: Holiday Destination Review: Botanical Garden at Bogor.

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Holiday Destination Review: Botanical Garden at Bogor.

The Bogor botanic garden was a big research garden that was located in the Bogor City, Indonesia. The width reached 80 hectare and had 15,000 kinds and plants of the tree collection. At this time the Bogor Botanic Garden busy was visited as the tourist attraction, especially Saturday and on Sunday. Around the Bogor Botanic Garden spread the scientific centres that is the Bogoriense Herbarium, the Zoology Museum, and IPB.

History of
The Bogor botanic garden at first was a part of\samida\the artificial garden that at least was to the government of Sri Baduga Maharaja (Prabu Siliwangi, 1474-1513) from the Pajajaran Kingdom, as being written in the slate inscription. The artificial forest was aimed for the need to maintain conservation of the environment as the place maintained the rare seed of the wood seed. Nearby samida that was made also samida that was similar in the Cianjur border with Bogor (the Ciung Wanara Forest).

At the beginning of the 1800 's the Governor-general Thomas Stanford Raffles, that lived in the Bogor Palace and had the big interest in botany, was interested developing the page of the Bogor Palace into a pretty garden. With help of the botany experts, W. Kent, who were constructive London\s Kew the curtain, Raffles conjured up the page of the palace to the stylish English garden classic. This early of the beginning of the Bogor Botanic Garden in the form of him now.

During 1814 Olivia Raffles (the wife from the Governor-general Thomas Stanford Raffles) died because of being sick and being buried in Batavia. As the perpetuation, the monument was for him established in the Bogor Botanic Garden.

The idea of the founding of the Botanic Garden began with a biological expert that is Prof. Caspar Georg Karl Reinwardt that wrote the letter to Commissioner Jenderal G.S.G.P. van der Capellen. In the letter was expressed by his wish to ask for a land field that will be made the useful plants garden, the place of the teacher's education, and the plants collection for the development of other gardens.

Primary Plant Collection
One of the main attractions of the Bogor Botanic Garden was the snake plant (Amorphophalus titanum) because of moments approaching blossomed will dismiss the carcass smell that stang. This flower could reach high 2m and was the biggest compound interest in the world of plants. The eldest oil palm tree in South-East Asia that still is living now.

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