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Become the aim of person of going on holiday, made Kuningan filled with hotel, the sub-area, as well as also the place of accommodation. Starting from when the jasmine class to the starry hotel was in Kuningan. One of the hotels that became the aim of tourists of being Water of Sanita Spa and Resor the Hotel. In this place, people who stay could see directly beauty of the Ciremai Mountain.

Although comfortable spent the night in the hotel, will be very unfortunate if not following the roads in Kuningan. Apart from cool air, the eyes also will not be free from green him the foliage and the paddy-field that were spread our the area all along the road. Enjoyed beauty and Kuningan coolness to will be more impressive with drove andong or the buggy.

Might not be forgotten also when visiting this area was tasted fermented sticky rice, typical Kuningan food. This food is usually sold in a small bucket. This food was wrapped the guava leaves and tasted sweet. The typical cake other was ketempi. After satisfied to enjoy Kuningan then Cirebon might not be then forgotten.

Towards Cirebon will become more impressive if stopping over in Gronggong, the road that connected Cirebon-Kuningan. This region was always busy tonight, especially Saturday night. Many couples who enjoyed the Gronggong atmosphere. While feeling the comfort corn burnt, the visitor could also see the attraction of Javanese Sea and gemerlap Cirebon City light.

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