World Wide Travel Guide: Cirebon Holiday Destination Review.

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Cirebon Holiday Destination Review.

Spoke about Cirebon indeed will not have completely him. The area that was located near this Central Javan border had several interesting tourist attractions. Among them the place of the historic legacy that was linked with the Islam greatness, traditional art, music, food, diligence, and the location of the tour.

The legacy of the Islam glory was in the Guardian's City seen clear to the Great mosque Ciptarasa Kasepuhan. The mosque that was located in this Kasepuhan Palace complex was still standing firm. Apart from the mosque, four palaces up to now stand sturdy, namely Kasepuhan, Kanoman, Kacirebonan, and Keprabonnan. Architecture of four palaces the combination from Islam art and the Netherlands.

Cirebon was also known with the traditional diligence namely Trusmi batik. Apart from featuring the traditional face also had an aggressive character and few colours. Two famous features of batik of the prawns City were the motive of the Wadas Lion and the motive of rainclouds. The Wadas feature of Lion batik usually shows the form of the Barong Lion from the Kasepuhan Palace.

Art in the Cirebon City was also very interesting attention of tourists. The mask dance and music tarling, for example. The Cirebon Mask dance had five kinds that everything depicted about the life phase of humankind when living. Now tarling was music that bundled the guitar, the whistle, and the voice into the harmonious blend.

If visiting to Cirebon then don't forget to taste the Jamblang Rice that is steamed rice that is presentation was wrapped in the teak leaves so as to make the steamed rice be felt was different. This rice could be eaten in a multitudinous manner the side dish. Usually this typical Cirebon rice trader lines up at the edge of the road.

Moreover still was empal gentong and lengko rice. Lengko rice was rice that was served with the mixture boiled bean sprouts, knew, fried tempe that was poured chilli sauce of the peanuts spice. The seller of lengko rice was often met in Street Pagongan. Here, the buyer could mix lengko rice with goat satay so as it seems became lovelier.

Did not lose interesting was knew gejrot. The sellers of rice gejrot this is usually rare that mangkal. However like that was not difficult to enjoy this typical food. Because of the sellers knew gejrot the circle a large number of. This food tasted very typical. Apart from hot from the chilli, there were few sweet feelings from available broth to this food.

It seems was not yet complete if visiting to this Port City without bringing the present. Was not difficult to look for the present to be brought. Mentioned syrup campolay, prawn crackers, poor crackers, and the salty jambal fish. The feeling of syrup campolay that only costing Rp 7.500 per bottle did not lose was glad with famous syrups available in the supermarket.

Cirebon air almost was the same as the other port city that is hot. Because of that many tourists chose to spend the night in Kuningan. Because Kuningan air was cooler. In the area that was located in foot this Ciremai Mountain of much accommodation from the non-star hotel to the starry hotel. One of them of Grage Sangkan.

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