World Wide Travel Guide: Travel Guide To Garut, West Java

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Travel Guide To Garut, West Java

The Diamond city, such was Garut was known by the regional community. The Garut regency was located in the West Javanese Province the southern part. Generally the climate could be in this territory categorised as the area had a tropical climate wet. The rainfall in general per the revolving year 2.589 millimetre with the wet month nine months and dry three months. Natural if air in the Garut City cool and cold.

Apart from the land that was fertile, the Garut City had the spring that flowed to the Cimanuk River. Garut also had picturesque scenery that was surrounded the mountain like Cikuray, the Guntur , Talaga Bodas, Papandayan, Galunggung, and Karacak.

Was not far from the town square was gotten a building that was acknowledged as Babancong. Previously, Babancong was the place of the regent as well as the official of the other government to give the speech in front of the public. Apart from Babancong, around the town square also was met the Great mosque. The mosque turret that had the shape of the diamond was the picture on the nickname of this city.

Garut City air that was cold indeed was easy to make the stomach become hungry. If wanting to eat warm food came just to Pasar Street. There had a meatballs stall that was good. The uniqueness of these meatballs was cooked by using the charcoal and remaining at the only one in the Garut City. If you wanted to enjoy other food came to the Ceplak Market. Various food kinds were received there.

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