World Wide Travel Guide: Batimurun Nature Reserve Travel Guide.

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Batimurun Nature Reserve Travel Guide.

One of the tourist attraction that very interesting to go on a trip to nature was the Bantimurun Nature Reserve in the Maros Regency, South Sulawesi. This Bantimurun nature reserve was the place that really be suitable to visit with family and couple.

Just pay for about 5.000 rupiah per person you could enter this nature tourist attraction. Apart from could enjoy beautiful nature scenery, there And You Too could see several places that the draught of nature knowledge. Because in this nature reserve received several plants like guava forest, jabon, sugar palms, the sandalwood, randu, and banjero. Moreover, also had the fauna like the butterfly, the black monkey, the wild boar, birds kepodang, and walet.

The collection of hundreds of species of the butterfly could be enjoyed by you in the Bantimurun Butterfly Museum. Cave of Dream and the Bantimurun Waterfall also were there. Apart from in the museum, hundreds of butterflies that flew in the location around also could be enjoyed directly. However this could be seen only during the morning or when the local waterfall debit was not too swift.

Now to head the location of the Cave of Dream, the visitors must go to the best of around 800 metre. However upon arrival at there, scenery that was picturesque could be inside the cave enjoyed and very pleasant. Because, inside the cave was gotten the stalactite and stalaknit that aged hundreds of years.

In the Maros Regency also was gotten the interesting nature tourist attraction other. This like that was met in the Salenrang region. In this territory was gotten the lime mountain (karts) measuring 13.000 hectare. The stone that was gotten in these lime mountains the form was uniform and was impressed artistic. When being seen by his form many that not bergeometris because of experiencing the erosion around millions last year.

Apart from the mainland, this lime stone also could be seen on the edge and middle the river. However to enjoy him must get on the boat that was steered by the local resident. Tourist also could enjoy beautiful sky scenery and the atmosphere of water that was calm when getting on this boat. In the place was different, And You Too could enjoy the famous prehistoric painting in the Kite Garden. This painting was in the wall of the cave. The form was of various types like the hands painting and the animal. In the prehistoric time, the cave was the residence of the Koala Ethnic Group

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