World Wide Travel Guide: Sukabumi a city that very mystic.

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Sukabumi a city that very mystic.

The Baros hill was the region agrowisata. In this place was gotten the production factory of cheese. However not only that, we were explained how the process of the production of cheese. Starting from when cattle milk that was blackmailed until becoming cheese was ready ate.

Tired playing in the Baros Hill, we could spend the night in the Taman Sari Hotel that was located in the middle of the Sukabumi City. If wanting to go on a trip to Sukabumi, you might not frightened because of many transports that were ready delivered, one of them the buggy. Spoke about Sukabumi, could not be free from moci. The typical Japanese cake was indeed very famous in this city.

Was not far from the Sukabumi City had the Pelabuhan Ratu tourist attraction. One of the places that was famous in this location was one of the rooms in Inna the Ocean Beach the Hotel. The room 308 that was indeed very special because this room was especially provided for Nyi Roro Kidul, Queen Laut Selatan. The atmosphere of the room 308 very mystical. The green colour that dominated all the room it seems was very much liked by Queen Laut Selatan. Usually guests who visited to this room often give the dedication for Nyi Roro Kidul. From sandals to clothes et cetera. And certainly all of them were green.

Chosen the room 308 for Queen Laut Selatan the reason there are those that asked to be provided the room. But the room must face sea and precisely beneath it had the big tree. And this precisely with the main window of the room 308 that was met the tree ketapang. Famous him a certain area was not free from his food. Be finished saw the room 308, we could enjoy the fish burnt in the place of the auctioning of the Pelabuhan Ratu fish. Various fish kinds, like large-scale pearls, bawal, scorched, and other was gotten here. We also at once could burn the fish that we in the place of the auctioning. However here did not provide rice of only fish then. And it seems, was glad really.

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