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One of the areas of the main aim of the tour in the Javanese Island was Yogyakarta.
Malioboro, the Yogyakarta Palace, the Merapi slope, the Parangtritis Coast was several tourist attractions that were interesting to be visited.

The Time stall Previously Pecel Solo. Just entered the restaurant gate, nuances of the time previously really were felt. These restaurant surrounds were decorated with kelontong cattle.
Whereas the form of this building took the form of the house joglo was increased with Java ethnic motif. Only was not local, tourists from overseas also often ate in the Time Stall Before this. Apart from boiled rice, the mainstay menu in this restaurant was rice pecel deso and kebuli rice. Rice pecel was red rice that was seasoned with chilli sauce wijen.

After you ate the food, in the afternoon go to The coast of Main Point Pandanus. Around 30 time minutes that were needed to reach this coast. The tower of the Deacon of the Flare of Main Point Pandanus was ones of the attraction from this Coast of Main Point Pandanus. In the peak of the tower that had the height 40 metre, we could the Yogyakarta City. The flare tower that was built in 1928 functioned for the safety of the voyage.

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