World Wide Travel Guide: Yogyakarta travel guide.

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Yogyakarta travel guide.

Cangkringan, the Sleman Regency, was one of the locations of the tour in the Yogyakarta Special District Province. This area his position exact under the Mount Merapi slope.If you visited to Cangkringan, could spend the night in Cangkringan Spa and Villas the Hotel.
Cangkringan Spa & Villas the Hotel was the place that was perfect for the family to grow still, the honeymoon, or the business as well as had fun.
This five-star mountainous sub-area had 16 Vila - two compound suite that consisted of three Vila, the personal swimming pool, as well as the sitting room was open and there were two Vila the honeymoon with the personal swimming pool and the sitting room was open.
Moreover, was available Vila the family with the door to the connector, four Vila the standard with the public's one swimming pool. This Vila was equipped spa, the restaurant, chipping golf, the tennis court, the vip lounge, the centre of the business, billiard corner, and exhibition space.
You could go to the 'Kali Carry' in the Mount Merapi slope. To head towards this location you could use in a cycling manner. Here was gotten big stones of lava from the eruption of the Merapi Mountain. When to the 'Kali Carry', try to used lotion and hat. Because the weather in this area was very hot.
We could Went on a trip to Kotagede. Apart from as centres of silver diligence, this city also had the location of the tour like the kings's Mataram grave.
Not only that, we could also come to the residence of Mr Rudi Pesik.
Here we could see the antiques collection and were historic both from Java, the area in Indonesia, and manca the country. One of them was the horse carriage belonging to Pakubuwono X.

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