World Wide Travel Guide: Yosemite National Park

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Yosemite National Park

The States of America have a vast series the national park, the monuments, the historical places of installation, the lines of shore and the traces szenische which protect the natural and cultural places of installation in the country. The majority of the monuments main roads and all the national parks are summers of the units of measuring the United States of the service of national park (NPS) and shown on the NPS attached to diagrams.
Some monuments and preserves do not appear on the diagrams, since they are handled with the place by national service of forest (NFS) or office of national management (BLM). If you consider flat to visit NFS or BLM Bestimmungsörter, that „the race of park “does not apply which is sold by the NPS, to allow access to the NPS parks, on it, but a NFS and BLM park can be bought with coating of race of additive against a small surtax.
One America national park is Yosemite, beside as Unites States of America national park Yosimite is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a site which was named for the international program United Nations for education, the science and the culture Of the world of heritage. The program aims to catalogue and preserve sites of exceptional, cultural or normal importance, with the common heritage of humanity.
Yosimite national park is located in the sierra mountains of Nevada in California be-power station. Yosemite is internationally identified for its spectacular cliffs of granite, falls of water, jets clear, giant plantations of sequoia, and biological diversity. The 750.000 acres, park of 1.200 place-miles contain thousands of lakes and ponds, 1600 miles of jets, 800 miles to increase trails, and 350 miles of roads.
Yosemite has more than 300 species of the vertebrate animals, and 85 of the latter are the indigenous mammals. The bears of black are abundant in park, and are often implied in the conflicts of the human ones which have like consequence of the material dégats and, from time to time, of the damage to the human ones. The efforts of management of education and bear of visitor reduced the incidents and the support-human material dégats of 90% in last years. Ungulates include a great number of common stags of mule. The moufflons of America populated formerly the sierra peak, but were only reduced with some populations of remainder. There are 17 species of the beaters, 9 of which are the federal species or of California of the special concern. More than 150 species of the birds to regularly occur in parks. Other species which are found in the park include the bobcat, the gray fox, the beaver of mountain, the large gray owls, the white-directed green woodpeckers, the repèrés owls, the squirrel ground of but-wrapped, the martens, geais them of Steller, the pika, the yellow-inflated marmot, the hares white-half-compartments the tail, and the coyotes.
The vegetation in park is mainly forest conifére. More the notable one among the trees of the park are the plantations of insulation of giant sequoias, the largest trees in the world, which are found in three plantations in national park of Yosemite.

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