World Wide Travel Guide: Algeria Travel Guide II

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Algeria Travel Guide II

At Algeria The official language is Arab. Informed its, although which in the north (Maghrebi) of African Arabic of other dialects to that is completely lesquel one speaks in other parts of the Arab world (like Egypt). The influence of the French language gave the vocabulary and a discussion different. French one spoke, the old colonial language, broad, particularly still in the urban sectors. Berber d' Algérie (Tamazigh) population also strongly hold with their own languages which are still different. Arabisches-sabah Al to khair - average reception; Arabisches-sabah ol khayr - average of good mornings; Arabic-ahlan/Marhaba - hallo means; Beber-Azul - also average hallo.
Usually only the younger generation in Algeria include/understand English, but the majority of the people can communicate in French.

For you who are shoppinholic, you could buy Dates, Ghardaia Carpets, Kabyl jewelry and pottery, Touaregs jewelry, and also Touaregs art painting. After shopping around Algeria, you probably need something to eat. Then i recommend you to find this kind of food :
fettate (sahara specialty ,tamanrasset ), taguella (breud of sand)(nomade speciality), Couscous, Chorba (soup with meat), Rechta, Chackchouka, Mechoui, Qalb El Louz (dessert),Algerian Pizza's, Beklawa, Ktayef, and also Tango Beer is available in most urban areas. Some of the local red wine is Palatable.

HUmp ... Already have something to gift your friend at home, fully stomach, and now sleep problems, Where have you to sleep in Algeria? to tamanrasset u can find lot of camping in the city , and at the desert , u can bivoic sky stars (hotel with 1 million star ).
Important thing that you have in mind if you like travel to Algeria is, "In spite of much of Foreign Office Westerners will advise you against displacement in Algeria which you must know that terrorism, at April 2005, is focused only in certain sectors in evening. Those are: Chlef, Ain Defla, Relizane, Laarba, Medea and Collo. Do not travel by the night, travels by the plane if you can instead of in the car, to avoid the minor roads, asks the police force if you are not sure about an area and nothing occurs".

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