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Algeria Travel Guide

Algeria is a country in North Africa. It has a Mediterranean littoral of sea in north. It is surrounded by Morocco in the North-West, Tunisia in the North-East, Libya in the east, Niger in south-east, Mali in south-west, Mauritania and the Western Sahara in the west. After Sudan, Algeria is the second larger country in Africa.

Electricity in Algeria was Officially 220V 50Hz. The exits are European standard CEE-7/7 “Schukostecker” or “Schuko” or compatible, the but not-founded one, types of CEE-7/16 of the “Europlug”. Generally, the Canadian United States and travellers should pack an adaptor for these exits if they project to use the North-American switchgear in Algeria.

HOw To get in Algeria, You can reach Algeria by rail of Tunisia, but you will have to change train at the border post. The trains are reasonable, but less comfortable than in Europe. The border between Algeria and Morocco is closed, so much it has there neither of the buses nor of the trains of Morocco. other way to reach Algeria is using a car.

The only realistic manner to reach Algeria in the car is through the Tunisian border, while the Moroccan border is closed. The borders Mauritanians and Malians present some problems of safety as well. To note that if you want to enter Algeria of Niger or the border post of Tozeur to southernmost Tunisia you will have to contract an official guide to go with you through the routes of Saharian, otherwise the police force will not be allowed to enter Algeria with your car. There is no problem of the whole if you want to enter Algeria of the Tunisian border posts in north.

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