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Angola is a country in central Africa. It is framed by Namibia in the south, Zambia in the east and the Republic of Congo, as well as the democratic Republic of Congo in north.

Other Place to Visit when you are in Angola.
The island of Mussulo is a beautiful piece of ground located in the middle of the river of kwanza. It is famous for its normal beauty. It is the place one must visit, one of the tourist attractions weakest. There we can find all, of the fishermen to the most beautiful restaurants and most modern, trees of palm, pirão of “”, funge, moamba, the sun, beach, peace, happiness.

Electricity in Angola
Officially 220V 50Hz. The exits are European standard CEE-7/7 “Schukostecker” or “Schuko” or compatible, the but not-founded one, types of CEE-7/16 of the “Europlug”. Generally, the Canadian United States and travellers should pack an adaptor for these exits if they project to use the North-American switchgear in Angola. Moreover, to realize of the problems connected by power in Angola. If you project to rent a house, you for sure should rent a house with a generator. The breakdowns of power are completely frequent.

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