World Wide Travel Guide: Benin Africa Travel Guide.

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Benin Africa Travel Guide.

Benin is a country in Western Africa. It frames Togo in the west, Nigeria in the east and Burkina Faso and Niger in north.

The traffic in Benin is chaotic and the rules of the road are inforced seldom. If you project on acting to the Benin one, a licence of international driver is required. The circulation on the same side of the road as the USA and Canada. The hiring of a local guide is recomended. The stoppings of road of police force the night occur regularly and only displacement with a driver (particularly if you are a woman) can put it in an awkward position explaining and/or suborning the police force.

There is of it an extremely reliable system of bus which runs your average bus of travel-model by each principal city to the Benign day laborer, and even in and out of the Benign one. The principal systems are ConfortLines and Benign-Lead. ConfortLines seems to provide more than one variety of routes, and you obtain even a certain water and a small sandwich for long voyages. Reservations for ConfortLines can be made in advance for 500f CFA at any regional office. The lines of bus function through: Oporto-Novo, Cotonou, Calavey, Bohicon, Dassau, Parakou, Djougou, Natitingou, Tanguieta, Kandi, and even any manner until Malanville. The taxis of Bush are also available if you do not want to employ the lines of bus, but all the price of long distances will be higher, and relieves and safety are appreciably lower. However, the taxis of bush offer the flexibility that the systems of bus not; you can always find a taxi rather quickly (with the autogarres).

For voyages 3 hours (roughly 150km) or less, one taxi of bush could be a more flexible and more reasonable option. With the difference of the buses however, prices must be discussed in advance. In the event of difficulties, sure being not to pay until you arrive. If travelling in a larger city or village, Zemidjans, or taxis of motor bike, are usually available. An average turn zemidjan costs 100f CFA, and they are easily recognizable by their coloured shirts matched with their numbers of identification on them. Prices must be discussed in advance, and the payment is carried out on the arrival.

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